Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our February in Pictures

Sometimes, it is easier to tell our story with pictures. And because I'm doing so incredibly well at taking pictures due to my Project Life Scrapbook (one photo a day!), I have lots of pictures to share!

February started out a little rough at our house. I got the flu during the first week. Least favorite sickness ever. So I was down for 2.5 days. It was right before Winter Camp up at Spring Hill Camp in Michigan, and I didn't know if I was going to make it. But rather than stay home, I decided to make the trip and fortunately, I felt a lot better by Saturday and was so glad I went!

 Rich and I. Incredible feeling to actually get a group of 27 students and 6 leaders up to Michigan for a great weekend of great teaching, connection with students, and great fun!
 Here's our group that went. We love these people!
 February 11-12, we attended The Art of Marriage Conference  put together by Family Life
It was seriously such a great conference. And if you get the chance to go with your spouse at a church near you, GO! It was such a great time to connect with Rich, figure out ways we can grow closer in our marriage. And use our marriage to bring glory to God. It was so well put together and a great experience for the two of us, as well as 45 other couples at our church!
 Valentine's Day morning, I made chocolate chip waffles! I rarely make breakfast because we aren't big breakfast eaters here at our house... usually a granola bar is grabbed on the way out the door. So this was a special treat for us!
 My momma is so sweet! Click here to see her blog! She made this darling heart decoration for me for Valentine's Day. But it is so darling, I will keep it out for a while! :) I get my creative genes from her! :)
 Valentine's Day has always been weird for us because Rich or I have always worked. But this year, we were able to go out and celebrate on the actual day! We only waited at hour at Red Lobster and it was so worth it! :) And here are some of the sweet gifties we got for each other. I love the special chance to just show a little extra love to my best friend!
He got me a new nail polish color, a tiny box of chocolates, a happy red tulip plant that I can't wait to see bloom! And because they weren't in bloom yet, he got me a single rose. Which is so romantic. I love that man! I got him some chocolate and an Amazon gift card.

Our life gets a little busy some days, but I love where we are and even when our car won't start in the parking lot in downtown Plymouth like it did tonight .... and even when we get it home by a jump start only to have it not start again, I am thankful for this life that God has blessed us with. And can thank Him for our blessings. Like how the car was parked only a 10 minute walk from home so that we could walk home, instead of having it die up in Mishawaka last night!! :)

And that is our February so far, in pictures! :)