Thursday, July 5, 2012

His First Half Birthday

Carson, you are six months old. 

Six. How is it even possible that we are already at the halfway point of your very first year? Or that six months from now, you will be one year old? I can't even fathom that! So instead, I will enjoy every moment of your sweet six months old self!

At six months old, you are exactly 17lbs 7oz and are about 26" long. In the past week, you have gained an ounce every day! What a big boy! You wear size 3 diapers, and 6-9 months clothing and both aren't even super roomy on you. You nurse 5-6 times a day. You are eating 2 solid meals a day...4 ounces of half fruit/half vegetables for lunch after your lunch time milk and cereal before bed.  

Your typical routine has become waking at 8:00am, nursing and going back to bed (rather unwillingly) until 8:30 or 9am, my preferred wake time for you. I like when you are content to stay in bed so that I can have my time in God's Word before you're up for the day...But usually you just fuss and cry until I come get you and then we finish my Bible reading together while you play on the couch next to me. For the past 9 days, minus one, you have been sleeping through the night. What a treat for Mommy! I keep waiting for it to be too good to be true, but for now, I am enjoying it so much! 

                 You like your exersaucer a lot, although I think you would be even more fond of it if it were a walker and you could go places in it! You are learning to sit up without being propped up and you love the freedom of sitting up on your own! You have fun playing with toys that crinkle or make noise. You like to play with your paci too and try to chew on it if I put it in your mouth when you aren't feeling the need to suck it. You like to look at books and be in charge of "holding it" and turning the pages. You still greatly dislike tummy time, although Daddy discovered that you like to look at the little round mirror from your play mat while you are on your tummy. You don't really roll over anymore. You only did that a few times when you were 4 months old. The only time you make an effort to push up when you're on your tummy is when you don't want to take a nap or when you are waking up and you hear the door to your room open. Then you push up and look over your shoulder to see if Mommy or Daddy is coming to get you. So sweet!

               You chew on everything right now. Your paci clip ribbon, your giraffe, your shorts when I take them off to change your diaper, your burp cloth, your books, your fingers, your taggy lovey, your bath towel, your blanket, my shoulder, and anything else you can get your mouth on! 

                You have such good hand-eye coordination now! You can easily grab things that you want on your first try (like Mommy's hair. Ouch!). Today, I posed you by the fridge with the refrigerator magnets saying "6 Months Old" and you kept grabbing at them and knocking them down! You wore Mommy out a little bit! You are such a sweet little smiley guy though. People often tell us how expressive you are and we agree! You smile, laugh, and make all sorts of cute faces. What a funny boy you are! You bring us so much joy! 

Happy 6 Months Birthday Carson!
Mommy and Daddy love you so much!