Wednesday, August 8, 2012

   Sippy cup throwing.
My son has been using a sippy cup for a whole month and only in the past week has he learned to hold it himself. But in true little boy fashion, he has decided that sometimes, it is more fun to tap his cup loudly on the tray. Sometimes...Usually, if he gets really excited, (which is always) the cup ends of bouncing off his tray onto the floor. After repeating this many times in an row, I decided that a solution was needed.

Thanks to Pinterest, and a blog post at Make It-Love It, I have found my solution!

I introduce: The sippy cup leash 

Supplies Needed:
28" of thick ribbon (I prefer grosgrain as it doesn't snag like satin ribbon)
7-9" piece of sturdy elastic
Coordinating thread

 Using your child's sippy cup, place the elastic around the smallest part of the center and pull a bit tight. You will want to be able to get the elastic off and on the cup easily enough, while having it be tight enough to not slip around. Pinch with fingers and then attach to ribbon.
 Make sure you heat seal the ends of the ribbon and elastic so that they will not unravel. 
 On one end of ribbon, make a loop and sew securely in place. This will be used to secure your sippy cup leash to the high chair, car seat, or stroller. 

 On the other end of your ribbon, secure your elastic.
I did several lines of stitches for added durability. 

Enjoy your final result! And hop over to Ashley's Blog Make It-Love It  to see how perfectly it works to keep cups from hitting the ground!

This DIY is even quick enough to make while your little one plays on the floor nearby!