Saturday, November 19, 2011

DIY Up-Cycled Denim Baby Bibs

With our baby boy due to arrive in the seven to ten weeks, I've been looking for a few more ideas of things to make for him. While looking at Pinterest, I found a perfectly delightful idea from Kristena Derrick's blog "Thimbly Things" . In her post which is even more detailed than mine, she shared how to transform old worn out jeans into baby bibs.

 Like most people, my husband and I have several pairs of jeans with holes in non-repairable places that I've just kept around for a "someday" project. Today, I finally dug out a pair of my husband's jeans to try something new!
Using the pant legs, a knit, jersey, or flannel print, and a few embellishments, these bibs were simple and easy! I think they're completely adorable and they're really quite sturdy without any need for interfacing! 

To start this project, just use your favorite sized bib as a pattern. Trace the bib onto the denim pant leg and cut it out. Give it a quick iron if its wrinkled from sitting forgotten for so long! :) 
After cutting it out, decide on what type of embellishment you'd like to use. I just used some simple ribbons and rick rack. Pin it in place and use a zigzag stitch to hold it in place!

Wow! Look at the fun stitches that my sewing machine can do! 
For one bib, I used a red ribbon and 3 lines of decorative stitches. For the second bib, I used two different ribbons and rick rack, with one line of decorative stitches. 
After your embellishments have been added to the denim side of your bib, pin them together with pattern-sides together. It is easiest to use a full piece of fabric and cut off the excess after you've sewn the two pieces together. 

Leave a 3-4 inch opening to turn your bib right side out. I find it easiest to leave that opening at the bottom of your bib. After sewing the two pieces together, cut off the excess material and leave a 1/4 inch seam. Leave a 1/2-3/4 inch extra amount of fabric where you left the opening. It makes it so much easier to turn in and sew together! :) Trial and error has taught me that. 
Turn your bib right side out.... you're nearly done! Isn't it looking good?
Iron the bib to press out any wrinkles and give it a nice crisp look. As you top stitch your bib, make sure you've got spot where you left an opening pressed how you want it to stitch shut. 
As a final step, attach your velcro (or snap or button) to your bib... and voila! 

Two darling bibs with a fun decorative denim side....

And a super cute print side! Perfect drooling or feeding bibs. I love how these bibs are so sturdy because of the denim, and yet they're soft with the jersey knit firetruck print and the flannel woodland friends print. 
Can't wait for my little man to wear these! They're a practical item that can be as cute as you make it! I'll definitely be making a few more of these in larger and smaller sizes. I think they'll hold up really well and I love that I can use fabric and designs that I like instead of just using a simple bib from the store.

As a side note, I love that while I'm sewing, I get this view... 
Oh little baby boy... I am so excited to meet you!