Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet curtains

Welcome to our back door. Nevermind the fact that it is an old door, and it seems to be hanging a little crooked. Nevermind the crooked hanging curtain (at least I can say that I didn't hang it so it isn't my fault that it is crooked). It is our backdoor and I invite you to take a peek at the transformation that it experienced today.

Our doors have these large window panels. They're an odd size. You cannot buy curtains this size. I tried. They don't sell them in our little town. So I had to solve this problem myself. The old curtain was dirty. It blended in. It didn't pop. And, really, it was just too bland.

Clearly, a sweet lavender gingham would much better suite my backdoor. So much more welcoming. So much happier. The color went quite well with the kitchen. It would add just the perfect touch. 

I spent the majority of the day cutting, pinning, and ironing. The dishes? They're still in the sink. The letters that need mailed? Forgotten. The other plans that I had for today? Ignored. Cutting, pinning, and ironing seriously takes a lot of time. (especially when you are inventing the pattern as you go...)

The end result? Perfect. Exactly like I had envisioned. The color popped. The gingham made it warm and welcoming. The little ruffles at the top made me smile.  : )

The fact that they are two panels allows me to open them and let natural light in which was so important to me. Then, at night, I can close them so that the neighbors won't see me scurrying to the fridge in my pajamas to get a glass of water. : )

Borrowing my mother's sewing machine has been inspiring me so much to get some projects done around the house. Sometimes, that means other household things get put on the back burner... but sometimes, that is just the way it has to be. The dishes will wait. Letters that need mailed don't complain much. And I've still got a bit of my afternoon left... The weather is beautiful and I think that means I should walk to the post office and soak in the taste of fall that is in the air!

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  1. Linds! They are darling!! I love the ruffles and the ironed edges and the little gingham squares. Good for you!! I know they will brighten your fall and winter. Soon you need to bake...just for fun...while listening to Anne of Green Gables...just cause. : )