Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Felt Frenzies

I've gone a little nutty over felt lately. At .29 cents a piece, it makes for an inexpensive craft. My mom got this idea off Better Homes and Gardens' webpage. We made the black one together and then I had to come home and make another one myself! :)

Meet Boo Boo Kitties:

Yes, they are made out of felt, embroidery floss, cotton stuffing, ribbon, and are sitting on pencils.
They are good friends :)
 Meet Owly .... Owly isn't quite up to par yet. A little too much stitchery detail and not exactly as I had pictured. But an attempt and a chance to learn what I like and don't like as much.
Time to try again....


  1. They are both very cute! Owlie is nicely proportioned and looks like he is sitting with his little tootsies sticking up! Love him! Will be fun to see what you make next. :)

  2. PS...these make me want to have a puppet show! You and Jeff used to love to do puppet shows for us! :)