Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter has come to our home

I am so happy to inform you that our first winter in Plymouth, Indiana has been snowy! Apparently, northern central Indiana gets lake effect snow. That makes me happy. Its like Chicago snow! :) 

Our house looks good with snow!
 The trees are bare and frozen on our street!
 The view out our front parlor windows.
 Simple is the theme of our winter and holiday decor this year.
I bought this hurricane vase at the dollar tree, along with the small silver balls. Stabilizing the vase with rice helped to raise the silver balls and add a splash of calm color against the dark mantel. Paired with these pearl berry sprays, its the perfect simple holiday decor.
 For the sticks and candle on the hearth, I merely spray painted some sticks that I found in my own yard. Using rice to stabilize them was perfect. And my little white candle just adds a touch of warmth. I love this because I can leave it up all winter, instead of taking it down after Christmas. Word to the wise if you are considering doing this.... spray paint outside and do it before there is snow on the ground and its only 30 degrees outside. Inside leaves you with too strong of a paint smell with frozen fingers when you move your project outside because you're fearful for your brain cells.... personal experience talking here.
Winter is cozy in our home... especially when we get the chance to light that gas fireplace and enjoy the falling snow!

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  1. Love the winter white. Peaceful and pretty. Glad you shared! : )