Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Catching up.... 

  • I love when Rich thanks me for making dinner. 
  • I'm blown away that out of all the girls in the world, Rich chose me. 
  • I think it's funny that Rich can be a morning person when his son wakes him up. :) 
  • I'm glad for a husband who sees a problem and comes up with a solution
  • It brings me so much joy to hear my husband talk about how much he loves discipling students.

  • I love watching my son sleep. Precious. Peaceful. And cuter than CUTE! 
  • I'm blown away that God has entrusted Carson in our care. Thank you Lord!
  • I think it's funny to watch Carson learn to problem solve... "Hmm... Mommy put me in this box. I wonder if I can climb out?" 
  • I'm glad that Carson likes music so much. A fun trait we share in our family. 
  • It brings me so much joy to watch Carson enjoy life. Today, he got to see birdies and "ditties" at the pet store and he enjoyed it so much! 
  • I love having matching socks to wear because it means that I'm caught up on laundry. (Currently, one of my socks is white and one is blue...)
  • I am blown away by how much food I have to sweep off the kitchen floor after Carson eats... but at least I have a healthy little boy who likes to eat...and checks that gravity is still in place each day. 
  • I think it's funny that my husband finally had to tell me that I had been singing the same Les Mis song all day, and if I didn't stop immediately, he might go crazy. :) 
  • I'm glad that I got to enjoy a fun afternoon out with a friend, a yummy lunch at Panera, and a trip to TJ Maxx. Seriously...one of the funnest stores out there! 
  • It brings me so much joy knowing that in the morning, there will be FIVE clean sippy cups in the dishwasher, ready to be used over the next couple of days. Yes! Mommy joys! 
Thank you Lord!

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