Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Joy Dare - Days 14, 15 and 16

  • I love when my husband is home. And when he got home from his trip, Carson and I were both overjoyed! 
  • My poor hubby is sick today, but he apologized several times for nMot being able to help with our very busy son... and that meant a lot to me that he recognized that it was going to be a tough day or two while he recovered. 
  • He offered to load the dishwasher, despite not feeling well, because the ones that go in the dishwasher will be sanitized. :) He's the best. 

  • I get so much joy when Carson says new words. He is such a talker for being 12 months old! This week, I taught him "please". He loves this word because it usually means he gets something to eat.
  • He found a toy phone that I had planned to pull out on a rainy day. Because he was so clever in finding it, I let him play with it today. And without me showing him it's a phone (you know, the typical "Fisher Price" curly corded, ringing dial phone...and he's only really ever see flat, rectangular cell phones)--- he held it to his head and started "talking". Adorable. 
  • As much as I groan when he wakes up after going to bed, I do treasure those moments of rocking and singing to him... because someday, he will be too big to rock. So I reminded myself to enjoy those few minutes with him tonight because someday, I won't remember that it interrupted my end of the day "me time".... I will just think about how much I enjoyed snuggling him and smelling his sweet sleepy baby smell. 
  • I'm so thankful that I disciplined myself to get the house clean over the weekend so that I could enjoy the freedom of a clean house on Monday! 
  • I enjoyed a few minutes looking through pictures from a year ago... I'm so thankful for the memories in those photos.
  • A fresh haircut. It had been 7 months and it wasn't lookin' pretty. I have got to cut it more often...! It feels literally 5 lbs lighter and my hubby has complimented me today. Win! 

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