Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Year Old

Carson Davis, you are 1 year old!

By the numbers...
Size 12 mos clothing (although you can fit into a few 18 month shirts), Size 4 diapers, 2 daytime nursings and 1 before I go to bed (time to drop that one...), 2 cups of whole milk a day (although you only drink a few ounces), 1 cup of "juice" (1 inch juice to 5 inches of water!), 4 solid meals a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime snack).

Carson, at one year old, you are saying lots of fun words: Daddy, Mama, Baby, Doggy, Kitty, Fishy, Eat, Bubble, Mimi, Papa, Pop, MomMom, Hi, Byebye...
And you repeat us so often, even if you don't know what we are talking about! Today, you even said "Pizza!"

Although you are not yet walking, you cruise around the furniture and across the living room with your shopping cart. You get around quickly and efficiently! You occasionally stand for just a moment without holding on to anything!

Favorite foods: Banana, black beans seasoned with cumin, taco meat, spaghetti, cheese, bread, enchiladas, peach and pear bites, banana bread, and chocolate cake!

Favorite toys: Piano pop-up toy, Piggy Bank Fisher Price toy, kitchen spatulas, electric guitar, fish and net bath toy, and anything that makes noise!

You get in trouble for: Touching things that have buttons like our computers, Daddy's Xbox, the TV remote, the space heater and power strips.

Your favorite books: Have flaps or touch and feel pages, or your favorite Sesame Street books with baby Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird. You've loved their big black and white eyes since you were a small baby!

You are a people person who enjoys getting out. You love to play in the nursery on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights. You are not afraid when I drop you off and you jump right in the fun. You also enjoy quiet days at home, playing and reading with Mommy and Daddy.

Your future professions: Carpet cleaner and vacuumer by day (you squeal with excitement when we use the vacuum and despite how loud the rented carpet cleaner was, you loved it!), and musician by night... You love listening to music, watching Daddy and Mommy play guitar, and playing music on your piano, guitar and xylophone.

What I'm looking forward to this year:
Our new family routine of reading you a Bible story from one of your Bibles before you go to bed each night. Most nights, we'll read out of The Jesus Storybook Bible with Daddy, but if Daddy is at work like tonight, we'll read out of The Beginner's Bible. You like to listen and look at the pictures. Our prayer for you is that you will follow and love Jesus with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Happy 1st Birthday, Carson Davis! You bring so much joy to my heart. Every squeal, cheesy grin, hug, and ornery laugh reminds me of how blessed I am that God has chosen to entrust you into our care. Love you so, Baby!


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    1. Thanks, Kara! It is nice to know someone reads my blog! Here's to many more posts! :) I have a fun idea to try to blog about each week. We'll see how it goes!